Welcome to Collins Auctions, LLC

Collins Auctions has now merged with Collins Realty & Auctions, LLC  selling Real Estate at Auction.

We close the deal!

We are a full service auction company, selling Real Estate and personal property. We practice and promote professional auctioneering methods providing quality customer service. Servicing Logan, OH, Pomeroy, OH, Athens, OH, Rockbridge, OH, and Coolville, OH.

We Generate Excitement!

We know auctions attract smart cash buyers, putting them in competition with each other, and demanding their immediate buying decision. No other sales method works as well.

How do real estate auctions differ from standard Real Estate Sales?

Real Estate auctions are not just for foreclosures and distressed properties.  Auctions are a timely method to convert Real Estate to cash.

Sellers choose the auction method for a variety of reasons.  It offers a fair and level playing field for all buyers, there’s no lengthy negotiations, and no contingencies.  Inspections are done prior to bidding, so there’s no negotiation for repairs.

Buyers like the transparency.  They know exactly where they stand, and there’s a level and even playing field.

If you are looking for a faster way to liquidate your property, auction may be best for you.  Give us a call and we can determine if auction is the best method for you.